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Welcome to our vintage Vespa, Lambretta shop! Buy restored Vespa, Lambretta scooters from us for great prices, get accessories or learn more about the legendary brands on our website. If you are looking for reliable fully restored vintage Vespa, Lambretta, you are at the right place. Check our offering of Vespa scooters or Lambretta scooters with the color and accessories of your preference.


What you can count on when buying from us

Restorations are done in very high quality to ensure that every scooter we ship brings countless happy years of riding to our customers. To achieve the top quality level of restoration, we restore only a handful of scooters each month. Our mechanics have at least 20 years of experience with some of them exceeding 30 years of working on these beauties.

In case anything goes wrong (it rarely ever happens), we are there for you all the time. We do not hide and our customers do appreciate the customer service we offer. We are so sure about our classic Vespa, Lambretta scooters, that we provide 1-year warranty on all new parts.

We ship Door to Door around the world! The shipment goes to sea port near you and road transport to your home and all you need to do is just to un-pack the crate and ride your scooter. There are absolutely no additional fees from us. The price we quote is the final price you pay. Not a single penny more!





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