• Model: Lambretta LIS
  • Year: 1964
  • Color: Silver
  • Price: US$ 2300
  • Shipping: US$ 450 (Worldwide Port)
  • Door to door delivery:

Among Lambrettas, the Li150 Special holds a certain allure. It was the sporty version of the more pedestrian Li Series III. It shares the bodywork with the TV175/200, and the general motor with the Li150. However, the motor was “breathed on” a bit to give it just a touch more power. What was most interesting was the close-ratio gearbox, which allowed one to make the most of the power on tap. These are a good balance of excellent styling, a bit of performance, and reliability.  We think the 150 Special is the perfect way to get the wonderful look of the TV’s with a lower entry cost. This scoot is a winner!








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