• Model: Lambretta LIS
  • Year: 1965
  • Color: White/Blue
  • Price: US$ 2300
  • Shipping: US$ 450 (Worldwide Port)
  • Door to door delivery:

The Li 150 Special is one of the best looking Lambrettas, and it has performance to match. These are well-known for the fantastic close-ratio gearbox they were fitted with, and they really make the most of the power on tap. The Li 150 Special has really nice lines, and they really lend themselves to two-tone paint. Blue on white looks really great. We restored this scooter from the ground up. It was totally apart and every single part has been refurbished. It is essentially a new scooter at this point. We built it to be a reliable driver, and added some very tasty upgrades, like an adjustable rear shock and electronic ignition. Come by the shop to check it out in person. We think you’ll agree that it looks and rides fantastic.









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