• Model: Lambretta LD
  • Year: 1953
  • Color: Bisque
  • Price: US$ 3800
  • Shipping: US$ 450 (Worldwide Port)
  • Door to door delivery:

The earliest Lambrettas were all business. Spartan and unadorned, they used their lightness to their advantage in their competition with their rival, the Vespa. They had not body work or coverings on the scooter’s body, and let the motor’s beautiful sculpting take center stage. By the early 50’s however, the scooter market was going a bit more upscale, and Innocenti moved with the times. The debuted full legshields and motor cowlings on the LC, and quickly moved to the LD that you see here. This is a very early version of the LD, the first year, and looks quite similar to the LC. These are extremely rare in the world, with most of the LD’s being the 1957 version sold in the later 50’s. The riding experience on these shaft-driven Lambrettas is like no other scooter. They are certainly over-engineered, and the motors have a lot of novel features, the most notable of which are the torsion bar suspension at the front, shaft drive with bevel gears for smooth power delivery at the back. We love the body design on these, with the curved rear being particularly appealing. The exposed cables, chrome handlebars, and legshield-mounted headlight complete the package nicely. We acquired this scooter from a long-time owner, who had repainted it in the original color. We serviced the motor and have it running well. It is in nice “driver” condition, and ready to buzz the piazza, or coffee shop near you.









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