• Model: Lambretta TV 175 series III
  • Year: 1962
  • Color: King Blue metallic
  • Price: US$ 3750
  • Shipping: US$ 450 (Worldwide Port)
  • Door to door delivery:

At the time this scooter came out, it was the hottest scooter on the market. Innocenti and Piaggio were competing fiercely in Europe, and the TV 175 was meant to be the top of the market. It certainly had it all. The new “Slimstyle” bodywork for the Series III Lambrettas was certainly a departure from the more svelte lines of the earlier models. The motor in side the slimstyle body was as sporty and powerful as the scooter looked on the outside. The TV 175 had one other trick up its sleeve - it was the first production motorcycle or scooter with a disc brake as standard equipment. Housed internally in the front hub, the TV had a mechanical disc brake using a solid disc. The only visible clue was the four air vents that were meant to channel cooling air to the disc. This one is an early version, with the same side panels as the Li range Lambrettas. The next version had side panels with a scallop half-way down and two aluminum trim pieces. The TV was expensive new, and are difficult to find today in any condition. This one is in very nice shape. While not concourse ready, the paint looks nice. This is the perfect Sunday driver. Rare, fast, and beautiful… really, everything a vintage scooter should be.








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