1.How do I get the scooter registered once it has arrived ?

For the registration, we will provide the copy of the "Certificate of Title Deleting" issued by the police here in Vietnam. With these papers you are ready to get a new title (or registration). Just take these and the scooter to your local traffic& road authorities who will then issue you a Road Worthy Certificate (RWC)after an inspection. As the bikes are in perfect roadworthy condition and meet with all Australian road and safety design standards, it has never been a problem when it comes to them passing the inspections. Because the Vespa, Lambretta are over 50 years old they are considered historic (vintage) vehicles by the RTA thus conveniently bypassing a lot of red tape. They are not hard to get registered and do not need to be fitted with indicators for instance, or have emission certification.

2.Does the scooter need a metal compliance plate for Registration ?

Vehicles manufactured before June 1988 do not need to be fitted with compliance plates when presented for registration. The scooters are typically over 40 years old manufactured in an era of their own and need only meet the requirements of their day. All original Italian Vespa, Lambretta are stamped with Engine and Frame numbers (VIN - Vehicle Identification Numbers) It's these numbers that the traffic and road authorities use to identify and register your scooter.

3.What additional charges do I have to pay when picking my Vespa up from the port ? (local port charges)

Most international ports charge the following fees for handling and fork lift operations upon pick up of your Vespa (varies from port to port)

Handling Fee: $55.00/shipment
ISF+ Bond fee: 120USD
DDC: 51USD/m3
Port Security Fee: $45.00/shipment
Chassis Fee: $25.00/shipment
AMS: $50.00/shipment
Customs clearance/Agency fee: $90.00
X-ray( if possible)

The scooter is already meticulously cleaned and fumigated before being shipped (a certificate is provided). This saves money as it need not be repeated at your port.

GST: There is no GST payable on Vehicles less than $1000 in value.
Duty: There is also no duty tax levied on Vehicles more than 15 years old which includes all our Vespa, Lambretta.

4.Do I need to fill out any paperwork before shipping the Vespa to my country ?

No, we take care of all the paperwork and logistics so that everything runs smoothly upon pick up at the port. You only need to provide us with your shipping address and contact phone number for the shipping company to ring you on when your Vespa arrives. There are no forms to complete for residence of America or Europe.

Australian citizens will need to register online with the Department of Infrastructure to do an online Vehicle Import Approval before proceeding with the shipping. Press on the link below then press "register for VIS" below the sign in button. Whilst filling out the form be sure to Register as an Individual (and not an agent). Note that whilst registering they will ask you to upload an identity document such as a scan of the identity page of your passport. Once you have registered you will be given a user name and password which you can pass on to us and we'll do the rest for you (we'll do the online application for you). The import approval is issued approximately 2 week from filling out the form and will arrive to your mailing address as a single sheet of paper stating that you have approval to ship the Vespa. Link to register : https://vis.infrastructure.gov.au/_layouts/VISBranding/VISLogin.aspx

5.I am concerned about security. How do I know you'll send the bike after I've paid for it? After all, its a lot of money.

For security, the initial 75% deposit for custom order will bring the bike right up to the stage of shipment preparation and 25% after we send you finished photos of the scooter. Approximately one week after the Vespa has been shipped we send you a scanned copy of the shipping documents & delivery details including: Shipping invoice, Bill of Lading, Packing list and all of your Vespa, Lambretta registration paperworks. You will receive all of the originals by mail before your Vespa arrives at the port.

6. How are the scooters packed for the shipping ? What about insurance ?

Before packing, the scooter is placed inside a heavy duty plastic bag then vacuum sealed. Its then firmly secured inside a solid wooden crate with protective padding on all four sides which prevents any movement. The shipping company we use has extensive experience in shipping, crating and handling Vespa, Lambretta. With multiple scooters delivered we have not yet had any incidents reported. For added peace of mind the scooter also comes with full comprehensive insurance with extra charge. As soon as your Vespa is ready for shipping we are on the phone insuring it in your name making it safe for the journey. Even on the slim chance that the ships sinks (very slim) you'll still get your money back.


7. Do the Vespa, Lambretta come with a warranty / are they refundable?

Yes, we offer a 1 year warranty free delivery of parts. When the Vespa arrives at the port you simply send us an email to activate the warranty. From that point it will be covered for 1 year against any defective running part. If anything should go wrong, we will courier the part or parts to your door. We road test our scooters for 100km before shipping, making sure they're in perfect mechanical running order before delivery. This is why we have a 100% track record for reliability after customers have received their Vespa, Lambretta.

The Vespa, Lambretta are non refundable after they have left Viet Nam port. Refunds are also not given if the shipment is late due to port congestion or bad weather conditions at sea which are not the fault of Powder Scooters. Some countries have bans on second hand vehicles. It is the responsibility of the customer to check whether or not vintage Vespa, Lambretta are legally allowed to be imported into their country or not. Powder Scooters takes no responsibility for the loss of goods due to a countries import regulations. It is the responsibility of the customer to check on their countries import regulations.

8. Are these genuine Vespa scooters ?

YES, we only seek out and restore Italian made Vespa, Lambretta imported into Vietnam from Italy during the 50's - 70's. All our Vespa, Lambretta engine and chassis numbers match and are checked off against Italy's original factory lists. The Vespa, Lambretta we restore are 100% genuine items and that's why they are a good investment.


9. What are the differences between the models you sell?

Pictures give a better idea but here are the basic differences:

VBC 1965 - 1979 Features: Round front head lamp, square rear tail light.
(see #1 in catalog)
VLB 1965 - 1974 Features: Square front head lamp, square rear tail light
(see #17, 18 & 19 in catalog)
VBB 1960 - 1967 Features: Round front head lamp, circular round back
tail light, slightly wider cowls ( see #3 in catalog)
FARO BASSO 1955 - 1962 Features: Headlamp mounted on front guard, small
square back tail light, curved rear. (see #7 in catalog)
GS 1955 - 1958 Features: Stretched out and wider rear cowls, oval
speedometer, rounder front and rear guards. (see #23 in catalog)
Specification differences between models.
- Engine type: Single cylinder 2 stroke air cooled.( All models )
- Displacement: 145.45cc ( All models )
- Horsepower: 5.9 BHP @ 5,200 RPM (VBC, VBB, ACMA, GS)
- Horsepower: 7.1 BHP @ 5,000 RPM (VLB)
- Bore / Stroke: 57 mm x 57 (All models)
- Compression Ratio: 7.5: 1 (All models)
- Transmission 4 speed constant mesh (All models)
- Max. Speed: 62 MPH / 99.7 Km (VLB)
- Max. Speed: 57 MPH / 92 Km (VBC, VBB, ACMA)
- Carburetor: Dell'Orto Si 20/15 (All models except VLB)
- Carburetor: Dell'Orto Si 20/17 (VLB)
- Carburetor: Dell'Orto Si 20/20 ($60 upgrade for any model)
- Fuel Capacity: 7.7 Litre (1.7 US gal) (All models)
- Electrical: 12V electrical upgrade (All models)

10.My scooter has arrived, is there anything else i need to know before I start it up.

You'll notice a dull waxy finish on the scooter when you pick it up. This is a protective coating that we apply before it is shipped. It can be gently polished off with a piece of soft cloth, the bike will then come up gleaming.

Important: Keep the RPM's low for the first 500km.Its very important that the rings and bearings are properly seated during the initial break in period. The easier you go on the engine during the first 500km the harder you can ride it afterwards. The engine gains approximately 20% more power after the break - in. Be patient, about 1 in every 10 customers decide to see how fast the scooter will go before its run in and end up damaging the new cylinder head and piston. Please do not fall into this temptation.

Fuel mixture
Remember to mix 40Mil of 2 stroke oil to every Litre of standard unleaded petrol during the scooters break-in period (1000km)This is equivalent to 7 oz of oil to 1.3 Gallons of fuel.

When first starting the Vespa after 3 weeks (because of shipping time) put fuel in the tank - lean or tilt the bike to the engine side and hold this position for 30 seconds. This will ensure the fuel line fills up with petrol all the way to the carburetor after being dry for so long. Tilting the Vespa on the engine side is a common trick known throughout the Vespa community for priming the vehicle before starting (especially after it has been lying idle for some time) Always start the Vespa whilst on its stand making sure its in neutral first. If its a cold day - pull the choke out and push it back in immediately after its started.

If you'd like to download a very handy maintenance manual and get brushed up before the scooter arrives please download this 5mb file.http://www.scooterhelp.com/serial/VLB.manual.html. It includes all the necessary things to keep the bike in top shape. Things like changing the gear box oil every 5000 miles and topping it up every 2500miles. There is a maintenance manual included in the sale of each Vespa.

11.Can you recommend a vehicle to pick my scooter up from the port ?

A small open ended trailer 1.5 meters in length (to match the crate) is ideal. A light-weight closed transport van is ok. A regular panel van is too small. The weight of the Crate is 150kg. The dimensions of the crate are : 1.9 Meters long x 1.15 meter high x 80cm wide.






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