Our retro Vespa, Lambretta restoration process

Our Italian classic vintage rides come with original engines and frames and are restored with the utmost care and the highest-quality original parts by our team of mechanics with over 20 years of experience. The frames and engines are traceable to the factory using unique serial numbers. You can verify your serial numbers HERE. All models are fully customizable to individual preferences. Your choices include: model, color, optional accessories and the type of seats you favor. Scooters are great for crowded cities, as well as fun outings with your loved ones and friends. Vintage Vespas, Lambrettas represent the carefree nostalgia of the 1950s,1960s and 1970s and are rare to find in the original condition. That’s why our mechanics dedicate their lives to vintage scooters restoration to bring you these restored pieces, which are as close to originals as possible. We constantly improve our retro scooters restoration processes and we currently use original Italian parts, where it really matters.


Restoration process in depth

Scooters’ body frames are stripped down to bare metal. All rubber, plastic, leather, aged aluminum trim cover, electrical wires and harness are thrown away. The frame is sent to the body shop to be inspected for cracks, welding material and other abnormalities before the alignment procedure. After the inspection, we apply a primer coat and finish with 3 coats of high quality color paint. Engine castings are cleaned using a sand blaster and then checked for any cracks, stripped threads and bearing surface tolerances. We reassemble and replace pistons, rings, carburetor, all bearings and clutch. We further rebuild all gears and clutch assembly, replace cylinder and cylinder head, exhaust system and all aged parts. Most of the other parts on the scooter are replaced as well, including all rubber hoses, brake shoes, front and rear shocks, springs, seats, tires, cables, odometer, locks, all electrical wiring and electronic parts, floor strips and rubber trims. This exhaustive vintage Vespa, Lambretta restoration process ensures the best scooters quality for our customers.

All scooters are masterfully restored using mostly new Vespa or Lambretta parts (of course except for the engines and frames, which are timeless originals) and are brought to you in a mint condition. After the extensive retro scooters restoration process, these scooters will run forever with proper care and maintenance. It comes as no surprise that trying to get our products as close as possible to the timeless classics comes with the perks, which are appreciated by Vespa, Lambretta enthusiasts around the world. Original kick-starter will effortlessly fire up the 150 cc engine and the shifter located on the handlebar will smoothly operate the manual four-speed transmission. Retro scooters require proper care and a basic level of maintenance. You will get to mix oil and gas and get your hands on some lines and tubes. The occasional required maintenance is easy and fun and is a large part of the reason, why these motorcycles are so appreciated by scooter lovers around the world.


We stand behind our products

Our mechanics stand by their products and that’s the main reason we can offer great warranty packages for your convenience. The retro scooters restoration is done with the utmost care by a verified family-owned group of mechanics based in Vietnam and have served many satisfied customers around the world. Even though there are some really bad mass produced “restored” scooters coming out of Asia, we have been directly involved in the restoration process and our small team’s results speak for themselves. Our dedicated customer service works with you before and after purchase and our mechanics stand by to assist with any technical problems you might run into. Classic Vespa, Lambretta restoration is only the beginning of a relationship with our customer. We always do our best to ensure your complete satisfaction.


Continuos improvement of our restoration process

Based on our in house inspections and our customers recommendation, we have been tweaking our retro Vespa, Lambretta restoration process to offer the best possbile prices on the most reliable and satisfactory scooters. As of right now, we have started paying more attention to our gas tanks and their painting. All our gas tanks are now sourced from Italy and have a coat of primer as well as several layers of high quality paint to ensure long-lasting quality as the rest of the scooter. We have also started sourcing the most important engine parts such as pistons, cylinders, cylinder heads and crankshafts from Italy as well to provide the most reliable and efficient work of the engine. We will continue to monitor and inspect every single scooter to make sure you get the best bang for your buck.







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