Packing and shipping

We create specifically designed wooden cases tested against impacts to fit exactly the size of the scooter. All boxes are made from durable 1/2 inch plywood and the casing is supported by strong wooden material. The bottom of these cases is made from especially durable material to ensure stability and prevent the scooter from traveling inside its temporary home. When the bottom part (especially the front wheel and the kickstand) is secured with tailor made clamps, the most vulnerable parts are carefully wrapped and padded to prevent scratches and dents. All chrome parts are also covered with a protective paste to prevent abrasions and the loss of shine. Retro scooter shipping is a science and we have mastered it with our years of experience.

All spare parts and accessories are wrapped and padded separately and subsequently filled in to the overall protective cover of the scooter to prevent them from moving and scratching any surfaces. Every shipment is inspected several times and finally the whole inside of the case is padded with UV-resistant and water repelling plastic to protect the content of the crate from dust on its way. All shipments comply with international standards and are fumigated and treated against pests. The overall dimensions of the cases are:

We always make sure to use the most reliable, secure and affordable service around to save you money and troubles. Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have specific transportation wishes or you have received a damaged scooter. Note please that we will help you with your claim with the insurance company but we cannot be held responsible for the scooter shipment itself. Vintage Vespa shipping is a precise work and we do our best to prevent any of these situations. In fact, we have never had to file a shipping related insurance claim.


Pickup and customs

With the scooter en route, you will be contacted by a forwarding company to claim your shipment and bring it safely through customs. As the customs and import procedures might vary based on your location, please consult your local authorities. Nevertheless, the pickup procedure is very straightforward and we are always available to help you navigate through any difficulties you might encounter. We have done this many times and apart from navigating the actual boat, we are pretty skilled in dealing with forwarding companies, custom officers and warehouses. After clearing the customs you will be directed to the nearest warehouse to pick up your shipment. In our experience a smaller pickup truck will do the job and most warehouses will load your truck free of charge. Make sure to secure the wooden case with strong straps, so you donít loose your precious cargo on the way home. If you cannot pickup your scooter or do not want to do it, contact your warehouse and you can arrange a local delivery for a fee.


Default shipping locations

This is a list of common shipping location but we are able to ship anywhere. In case of unusual or remote locations, we might charge extra for delivery.

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