• Model: Vespa Faro Basso
  • Year: 1951
  • Color: Mint
  • Price: US$ 4200
  • Shipping: US$ 450 (Worldwide Port)
  • Door to door delivery:

This is an early 50s Vespa Faro Basso. These scooters have a style and charm that is unmatched. Riding one is like taking a step back in time. They are simple machines, but certainly their elegance lies in the melding of form and function that is uniquely Italian. In the early 50s, the scooter market was very competitive in Italy, and Piaggio made changes to their scooters virtually every model year. This 51 has some of the hallmarks of the early designs - most notably the open motor cowling and exposed motor fan cover. It is a very interesting design feature that was deleted on later versions. We think it really draws the eye to the motor, and accentuates the curves of the body. We restored this scooter from the ground up, it was totally apart and every single part has been refurbished. The paint is extremely nice, and all of the details look very correct. This is a scooter that you can display with pride, and ride with pleasure.









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